Barrel of Jobs Launch at DEMO 2012 in Silicon Valley

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Browse or search for jobs that you want to apply to, or you think your friends would be interested in. Remember 74% of employed individuals are interested in new jobs, but don't have time to look on their own. Barrel gives you the opportunity to help them find the right job, and earn some money while doing so!

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Anyone can apply for a job. Simply view the job details, read the description, and if it’s a good fit, click Apply for Job. This will prompt you to email the hiring manager directly or redirect you to the company's website where you can find directions on how to submit your application.

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Share daily on Barrel of Jobs to earn points and become the top influencer. Every time someone you have shared with joins, applies, or shares you earn a point. Each week the person with the most points wins the $50 daily contest and the title of top recruiter!

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Visit the website daily to enter the weekly contest and win $50! You may not always find a job to share each day you visit, but you still have an opportunity to earn money with the weekly drawing. You are automatically entered once daily when you visit the website each day.

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If a friend, or friend of a friend, that you help connect gets hired, you and everyone else in the referral chain share a $200 referral reward paid by the employer. It doesn't matter how many degrees they are separated from you in the referral chain, you always get paid some amount if you are part of the chain. The more you share the more likely you are to help fill a job, help a friend and earn a referral reward!